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Melodia Event Management

“We were into event management and it was a tough task to be in the top list as there were quite a lot of companies like us. We started with web marketing and then get to know about Facebook marketing. Bizinduce had helped us their best to reach wherever we are now”.

What We Are

“It was a difficult task to stand noticeable among thousands of established event planners. Facebook, as we know had grown to business level and we could use them effectively with the help of Bizinduce to reach our goals”.

We were immersely trying to

  • Get noticed by potential customers
  • Get people book their events with us through our website, which was not happening much

Our goals were

  • To get maximum reach for our Facebook posts
  • To increase the site visit
  • To increase the number of enquiries through website

How we made it

  • Created interest groups using our Facebook page
  • Published posts and ads to attract potential clients
  • Targetted people from various locations, especially, inside Kerala
  • Posts and ads were based on different cultural aspects of people

What we are now

  • We get increased number of website visits
  • More clicks to the posts
  • Gets around 200 new users every week
  • Gets a minimum of 2000 reach for each post

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