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Kirloskar Hospital

“As all know, diabetics is one of the most common diseases in the country. For the same reason, we believe our service will be very much helpful to the whole country and it should be more known to the world. In that juncture, we seek support from Bizinduce to make ourself visible on the social media platform as well”

What We Are

“What we want was to reach more people through the fast reaching network called Facebook”

Our goals were

  • To reach more people
  • To attract more potential patients towards our website
  • To encourage online enquiries and appointments
  • To increase the website click

How we made it

  • Arranged online screening camps targetting specified audience
  • Through our ad and campaigns, we targetted patients who are diabetic or having related diseases
  • We targetted people based on their location (Local/domestic)

What we are now

The results were amazing!
  • We could see above 50% growth in the online enquiries
  • The website traffic also increased very high
  • Could reach more number of people than we though only with 1 facebook add

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