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HMS Medical Systems

“We manufacture, supply and export high quality physiotherapy and electrotherapy equipments. Eventhough it is a unique field, we had to face competiotion from leading brands. At times, we had no idea how to tackle this. When Bizinduce team came to us with the idea of Facebook marketing, we took a try. But, the results really amazed us.”

What We Are

“Primarily, we had to make our products sell through the website. It is not a simple task and the team tried their level best”.

Our goals were:

  • To get maximum number of website clicks
  • To get maximum reach for our products
  • To get new users and potential customers
  • To get people informed about the company and products

How we made it

  • Created and maintained a standard facebook page
  • Joined many groups and discussions to attract more people towards our page
  • Updated posts and ads about nre products and their details

What we are now

  • We have reached around 3 K likes
  • Got new and real users
  • Increased the website traffic
  • Increased product enquiry through website

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