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“Cineinduce was a new endeavour by Tours2health. Through Cineinduce, we aimed at promoting films through social media. We used various techniques that are old and new to get into more people. Bizinduce and its Facebook marketing had helped us a lot in that”.

What We Are

“ 'Pattam Pole' was the first movie we worked for. We had no idea how to start marketing a movie. We had to make a step ahead to see the best results”

Our goals were

  • To grab people's attention
  • To make people aware of our service
  • To reach potential clients

How we made it

  • Initiated new Facebook page
  • Encouraged people to write their reviews of the movie on our Facebook page
  • Invited more people for discussions

What we are now

  • Within a short span of time, we reached maximum number of people
  • We got more number of likes
  • We got number of good movie reviews
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