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How fb ad Works

1. Build a Facebook Page

    Creating a facebook page can be a simple step. But, maintaining it and achieving results needs planning. We plan and play to achieve the fine-tuned goals. Major steps in our way can be best described as:

    1. Setting up a Facebook page:

  • Creates a page with creative and apt cover photo. Using the customer's logo as the profile picture goes one of the first steps of branding on Facebook.
  • Keeps the page updated with new posts
  • Attracts audience and brings more likes and share to the page

2. Attract new users with the help of creative ads:

  • Brings more audiences to the page with multiple ads
  • Targets potential users and ensures more reach
  • Gives priority to those ads that works best to attain the goals

3. Catch the potential users with influencial and productive contents:

  • Keeps updating the page with new posts at times
  • Prioritizes important posts by pinning them on the top of the page
  • Makes the page more interactive by bringing discussions and new events
  • Shares and responds to other people's activities to bring more people towards the page

4. Gets hold of those who are connected to the existing users:

  • To boost the activity on the pages, creates and encourages events and offers which can reach more people
  • Interactions of people on the page attracts their friend's involvement too
  • Likes, comments and check-ins also promotes the activities of other users and their friends
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