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Advertising & Graphic Design

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Advertising and Graphic Designing

Advertising and Graphic designing has become one of the dream careers of most of the people. The new technical advancements have helped the field to develop. The demand for graphic designers have been accelerated due to the wide varieties of industries in the digital world. If you think you have the talent and creativity, we are here to mould you as one of the best professional in the field.

Career Options

A professional designer after our training will be able to produce designs, illustrations and photographs, symbols etc. to be used for web, print and electronic publishings. Such a qualified professional can get jobs in the areas like:

  • Web Development Companies
  • TV & Multimedia production houses (magazines, newspaper etc.)
  • Web Design studios
  • Ad Agencies
  • Print & Publishing houses
  • Graphic Designing Studios
  • E-learning Companies etc.
He/She might be able to pursue their career as a :
  • Web Designer
  • Layout Designer
  • Graphic Designer
Course Highlights

We offer the best learning experience which will make you able to design creative graphics for websites, print & publishings and digital advertisements.

  • Training in creating rich multimedia content for websites, magazines, newspapers, television ads, advertisement logos etc.
  • Software such as Adobe photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw and AdobeIndesign
  • Training in web designing, web scripting etc.
  • Training and application of concepts of digital graphics, image editing for both visual and print media

Video Streaming and Editing

The demand for video editing is accelerating day by day. The tremendous changes in the field of media and entertainment has contributed to the development of video editing sphere. The technique of editing is the vital part, which determines the aesthetic in visual media. The main tasks of a video editor is to edit videos, sound tracks and films to get the desired product.

Career options

After successful completion of the course in video streaming and editing, you will be able to produce motion videos, edit sound tracks, segment videos, digital video editing etc. A skilled professional video editor can get jobs in areas like:

  • Web Development Companies
  • Film Industry
  • Television Channels
  • Web Design Studios
  • Ad Agencies
  • E-learning Companies
  • Other areas in the field of entertainment etc
Course Highlights
  • Training in creating attractive videos
  • Software such as Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop etc.
  • Training in using keyboard short-cuts for editing
  • Thorough knowledge in editing tools
  • Tips and techniques for creating attractive output.